Two-Line New York


A better way to insure New York projects: Two-line wrap-up coverage with no retention requirements.

New Yorkers Think Big, and So Did We When We Created This Program

Applied Specialty Underwriters offers a two-line wrap-up solution for projects in New York with construction costs between $50 and $250 million. Our risk management and loss control services help to keep your job site safe and your project running on time and on budget.

General Liability

  • $3 million each occurrence / $6 million aggregate
  • Written via appointed wholesale brokers
  • General Aggregate Reinstatements available
  • First dollar coverage
  • Coverage provided via New York Free Trade Zone, with AM Best rated A (Excellent), Financial Size Category XI paper
  • Enrollment performed by CR Solutions
  • Risk management performed by SML Capital Advisors
    • Turnstile control of site
    • Triax wearable technology
    • Haz-Trac safety incentive program

Workers’ Compensation

  • No Limit Liabilities
  • Written via the corresponding retail agent
  • Admitted coverage provided with AM Best rated A (Excellent), Financial Size Category XI paper
  • Hassle-free enrollment
  • Monthly reporting and billing
  • Best-in-nation claim closure rates
  • Access to Promesa Health® medical management and deliver-to-claimant pharmacy

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